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Safe Sport

The Bowling Federation of Canada (BFC) places the highest priority on a safe and fun learning environment for its participants.

Education is the key to a successful Safe Sport program and there a policies and training requirements in place for those involved in every aspect of the sport of bowling.

Only if everyone is vigilant, can we hope to achieve a safe sport environment for all bowlers. No matter how minor you think it may be, it is important to address your suspicions. It may be as simple as speaking with someone in position of authority within your club or organization or it may be that you fear reprisal and prefer to remain anonymous. The BFC wants to ensure there are avenues for solutions.

The BFC has engaged the services of an Independent Third Party to address reports of abuse/harassment, etc.
Contact or telephone 1 (800) 758-9312, or you may contact the Canadian Sport
Helpline at: 1-888-83SPORT.

To Learn more about Independent Third Party services, please visit

Safe Sport Related Policies:
Inclusion, Concussion Protocol, Discrimination/Harassment, Social Media, Universal Code of Conduct

More information: