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Learn to Bowl

Click on the links below to view support/reference materials for the Learn to Bowl program. Materials are provided mostly in pdf form. Click here to download a pdf viewer if required.

Teacher Support;

For Younger Students;
  • Fun-Sheets (Includes colouring sheets, simple lessons on ball delivery for both two-handed and one-handed bowlers, simple lesson on how to keep score, word search, connect the dots and a Fun Maze.-


For information on Youth Bowling Leagues visit....
Learn to Bowl

Learn to Bowl is a great program which brings fun, excitement and activity to your class. This website contains some support materials for your class to get you started. To book your class(es) a trip to a bowling centre use the search page to find a 5-pin bowling centre near you.

If you haven't already received a copy of the Teacher's Guide, you can download it here or your local bowling centre would be happy to deliver a copy to you along with a poster and a coaching DVD which can give your students a great visual lesson on how to properly and safely deliver a bowling ball prior to the visit.

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